Sermon Series --  "On God's Terms"
by Pastor Tim Bistline

May 22 2016
"Life in the Spirit", Part 2
Romans 8:5-11

May 29 2016
"An Obligation To Be
Who We Really Are"
Romans 8:12-17

Celebrating Communion Both Services

June 5 2016
"Hard Times Today,
Good Times Tomorrow"
Romans 8:18-30

June 12 2016
"More Than Conquerors"
Romans 8:31-39

Graduate Recognition Sunday

Two Week Sermon Series
June 19  & 26 2016
"Forgiveness = Freedom and Life"


Message From Pastor Tim Bistline

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There are many aspects to summer that all of us enjoy. Sitting out on the deck, enjoying a breezy, cloudy day, or sitting by the pool, soaking in the warmth of the sun. Many of us get some time off work to vacation with family or friends; to travel to new places or discover favorite past times. We even find time to read, rest and relax. The enjoyment that summer gives to us has been given to us by our Creator, God… do you believe that? We do… and every Sunday we gather to celebrate God’s love and kindness to us. Maybe it’s been too long since you said, “thank you” to your creator? You’re invited to join us on Sunday mornings as we celebrate and give “thanks” to God who gives us the chance to enjoy all of what life has to offer!
Enjoy your summer!
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